14 October 2019

We are excited to announce the QLD Frog Society was successfully awarded a Community Sustainability Action Grant by the QLD Government for three threatened frog species!

Critically Endangered Kroombit Tinkerfrog. Image © Ben Revell

Over $70k has been allocated for 3 years of surveys and monitoring of the critically endangered Kroombit Tinkerfrog, endangered Kroombit Treefrog and vulnerable Tusked Frog at Kroombit Tops east of Biloela to assess their current population status and install pig exclusion fencing.

These efforts support the recovery of these threatened species and address a number of key conservation/management issues relating to recovery of threatened frog species at Kroombit Tops (as identified in the Recovery Plan for Threatened Stream Frogs of South-east Queensland).

These surveys funded by the grant will guide management and conservation of these species and their habitat and assess the effectiveness of past recovery/management actions in halting and/or reversing declines in these species.

Endangered Kroombit Treefrog. Image © Jono Hooper

As predation and habitat disturbance by feral pigs represent a significant threat to remaining populations of the critically endangered Kroombit Tinkefrog, the construction of pig-exclusion fencing around areas of sensitive breeding habitat will also be covered by the grant to reduce the impact on this species. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) will provide support for the delivery of these actions funded by the grant.

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Kroombit Tinkerfrog photo © Ben Revell. Kroombit Treefrog photo © Jono Hooper.