Screen-shot of a scene within the virtual experience online tool.

1 May 2020.
The QLD Frog Society has released a new interactive educational tool on our website for Members and children!

Explore the habitat of 11 south-east QLD frog species and find the frogs within them – right from your desktop or smartphone! There are four very different frog habitats to explore and learn about, each featuring the frog species that call them home, including several threatened species. Take a look around the 360° view of each habitat and turn up your speakers to hear the calls of each frog living there.

For the FULL experience, there is the option of viewing the habitats through a virtual reality (VR) headset. These are very affordable devices to purchase or you can make your own as a fun project with the kids –

As we’re all couped up at home and following the Australian Government’s official health advice, why not learn about our frogs and their natural environment with this interactive tool!

Click on this link to login and access the virtual frogging experience.