In November 2022, a team of QFS volunteers returned to Kroombit Tops National Park to undertake additional monitoring and surveys for threatened frogs as part of the Kroombit Threatened Frog Project – a project funded by a Community Sustainability Action grant awarded to QFS by the Queensland Government.

On this trip, QFS volunteers assisted with the deployment of acoustic recording devices at potential release sites for Kroombit Tinkerfrogs being bred in captivity at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. The release of captive-bred animals into the wild is vital to the long-term survival of this critically endangered species in the wild. Acoustic recorders deployed at Kroombit in November 2022 will be retrieved from the field on the final QFS Kroombit Frogsearch in late February 2023.

Photos of some of the captive-bred animals being reared for release at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.
Photos courtesy of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Data from acoustic recorders deployed at potential release sites will provide important baseline data on the current abundance of Kroombit Tinkefrogs, against which the success of the proposed captive release program can be assessed.

Dr Ed Meyer